I’m Ariel, a writer, activist, traveler, plant mom, consultant, and sometimes-poet based in Brooklyn, New York. I hold two degrees in publishing and passport stamps from 17 countries (with more to soon be added).

I currently serve two organizations in two very distinct, but not wholly unrelated, roles: I am the Deputy Digital Director for Lambda Legal, the oldest and largest LGBTQ and HIV civil rights legal organization in the world. I am also the Program & Creative Director for the Women in Travel Summit, a series of annual events which bring content creators, industry members, and thought leaders together to learn, collaborate, and build a more ethical and diverse travel industry.

My passion is for communication and expression, particularly in service of equity and justice. I am fascinated by the ways in which storytelling manifests in art and in our hyperconnected world, learned to code HTML at 13, and have edited work from writers across the globe.

In my professional life, I can often be found ghostwriting content, staying up late to build websites, working with my team to develop cutting edge event programming, formatting (and reformatting) email newsletters, analyzing audience demographics, hiding behind Photoshop, and managing way too many social media accounts. In my personal life, I can often be found traveling just to eat (I’ll try (almost) anything once), working to help build movements for social change, taking long weekend trips to Vermont, trying to find the best brand of black tea this side of the Atlantic, writing under my own name, and attempting to pet every single dog I meet.